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April 17, 2020

In Short the answer is yes! But before that you need to know something, Now a days people think that just creating a website will bring more customers for your business. If you are one of them then you are wrong.

what is SEO?

Search Engine optimization is the process of getting your website on the top of the search engine Result page (Google, Bing, yahoo etc…) watch the example below to understand more.


John wants to know about a phone so he searches on the internet.

Seo in kochi Example 1

This was the result and John clicks the first result

Seo in kochi example 2

Even though JOHN searched “VIVIO” their company website appeared on the 2nd result on SERP(Search Engine Result page). This is because GSM arenea(1st result) have done SEO better than vivo.

How does SEO help my business?

So if you are still thinking how SEO is going to help your business here is another example .       Assume that you are the owner of Flipkart and I am a customer who is searching to buy a dress for my cousins birthday party next week. Here is what I am going to do.

seo example 3
Example of Seo in kerala

I bought A dress from myntra. so Flipkart lost a sale. Like this there will be more than 1000 Search per day.

my business is not-Ecommerce . Will SEO help me?

Yes. optimizing your website is not just sales it’s bringing traffic to your website thus people will come to know more about you thus you can drive more traffic to your physical store. Here is an example.

Imagine that you want a wedding photographer a good photographer because, wedding will happen only once in your life and you don’t want to ruin that. so you will search on the internet.
Example of Seo in ernakulam
Example of Seo in kerala

Thus you are going to click on every website and see their project and hire  a best one in that to make that day memorable for your entire life.

this is the traffic for your website according to your ranking.
google Result page rank Averge traffic
1 32%
2 17.6%
3 11.5%
4 7%
5 6.1%
6 4.4%
7 3.5%
8 3%
9 2.6%
10 2.3%


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